Building Apps in 2020 - The Fool, Weather and Tear Proof Guide

Vaibhav Namburi
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The Ultimate Guide To Build, Launch And Scale Your Idea In 2020

I've put in my learnings from building more than 11 multi-million dollar companies on what it takes to make successful products in 2020.

Things are different in 2020, what worked 3 years ago won't work now, customers have different expectations and standards. Validation processes are different and "old" school marketing/scaling techniques are fatigued.

If you've got an idea, started a company or are in the early stages, this book will save you $100,000s in wasted money.

I cover important chapters around ideation, competition, launch, mindset and marketing in an action-packed guide

Some quick words from people we built products for:

Zaheer Jappie (CEO CarClarity):

I reached out to V due to his extensive expertise in building successful startups. Working with him has by far been one of my best decisions, he went above and beyond to ensure they built CarClarity into a great product, helped me with product decisions, and made vital introductions. As a non-technical founder I was always concerned about what might happen, but working with Five2One removed any source of doubt, and he kept me educated, and involved throughout the entire process. CarClarity is going to be a massive success and they played an integral part of it!”

Sachin Sabharwal (CEO Timeflyz):

V came highly recommended and I can tell you why. Working with V and their team has been nothing but pleasure, you go on this educational journey with them, where they don't only deliver an incredible product to you, but a team that is extremely passionate about educating you on how to build the business for success using their immense experience in product, engineering and design that goes beyond the technical expertise which they are unmatched with. Proof is in the pudding, our product is already gaining success and we're not launched yet.

Jonathan Chan (COO SocietyOne):

V really understands product and technology. He came through a recommendation and led the build of a key product for us. He built a very scalable product under a quick deadline and was always available to help us whenever needed and even mentored some of our engineers. He integrated really well with the team and was extremely communicative and invested into bringing the product to life. I would highly recommend V to anyone who needs to build robust and scalable apps in an agile manner

Some of the chapters include:

1. Death of the MVP, MPI is the new gold rush

Learn to focus on what features matter and build everything around the problem that moves the needle the fastest

2: Who are you selling to?

Dive into understanding who exactly your customer is, and where you can find them

3: Build to grow

An overview of techniques and solutions world-renowned companies use to get their own customers to grow their business for them

4: Solving one problem.

Lazer focus on the problem and your solution, the best problems, no matter how complex - at their core, solve for only one thing

5: Releasing features as a small startup, the build cycle

You can't use corporate structures or build cycles when running a startup, you need to think like the most money and time-poor yet hyper-efficient system in the world - i.e a startup.

6: Customer personas and building a value proposition

A sale is made when the value your provide surpasses the barrier of cost, your value proposition needs to reflect this and I show you how to do this succinctly

7: Reaching out to designers and what to look for in designers.

There's a million designers, all with beautiful portfolios, but how do you separate the diamonds from the dust? I share my criteria and process when selecting a designer

8: Ensuring DDD is followed, componentization.

Building and launching a start-up in 3 weeks requires a very unique process, one that is built on pace and flexibility at the same time. Here we'll chat a little further about Design Driven Development

9: Waste no time, every minute counts when building your app.

Optimise, and build systems early on to ensure your focus is 100% geared towards achieving product-market fit and then ensuring you can scale post-PMF

10: Track everything important, and test everything.

Analytics is the underrated bass player, the entire system fails without having effective analytics. We'll talk about what metrics matter the most, what you should focus on and how to find out the right metrics to measure to ensure growth and prosperity

and many other vital topics from my learnings

Nearly unlimited possibilities of all the businesses you can create.

"A short but ridiculously impactful book that I refer back to often at my business" - Michael Rodney

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Building Apps in 2020 - The Fool, Weather and Tear Proof Guide

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