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Profitable Startups: The Strategy To Build Money-Printing Companies

Vaibhav Namburi
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A step-by-step guide on leveraging the internet to quit your job

Use the EXACT strategies I used to build 60 world-class products, with millions of users.

Are you looking to start a business and not sure where to begin?

No fluff, no bullshit. Just 100% actionable information so you don't waste time and money trying to figure out how to build your business.

I have used these strategies to launch and scale multiple startups for myself and clients. These products generate millions in revenue with raving customers across the globe.

The content will walk you through the strategic steps of idea validation, product building, early-stage growth and customers, its not a get rich quick scheme and needs your effort

I've spent almost a decade in the weeds understanding these deep topics:

  • How do you come up with million-dollar ideas
  • Is there a pattern and system to validate your product and problem?
  • How to acquire early customers like clockwork

I decrypted chemical makeup of the systems that worked for the successful products and understood why others failed

These systems will help you generate sales before doing anything. You will understand how to find your first set of customers. Most importantly learn to build the V1 with basically no investment.

You're in good company, these methods were used to build products for global giants like PwC, Qantas, The United Nations, AutoTrader and startups that have raised a combined $180M from world-class investors

Who is this great for?

  • You've just come across your "aha" idea
  • You're looking to start a new business
  • You know that execution > ideas
  • You have an existing business and looking for ways to acquire more customers, rapid prototype ideas or engineer growth into your business
  • You understand the patience and grit required to build a business

What will be taught

The course will be rolled out in multiple modules:

Million Dollar Idea Generation and Validation ($137)

  • You will learn the strategies to avoid common mistakes in product idea generation and validation saving months and $1000s in wasted capital.
  • Systemised Frameworks for Problem Validation
  • Idea generation strategies
  • How to find the right customers to validate with
  • Questioning process to weed out risky ideas
  • How to ask important questions and control meeting conversations
  • Validation metrics to evaluate problem worth
  • Launching No Code Website with Payment System to collect pre-sales

Building and launching an MVP in 3 weeks exactly ($97)

  • Launching the minimum amount of features to get the maximum amount of value
  • Discovering your product north star to get customers to love your product
  • Setting up product analytics and tools to track customer utility
  • Creating the Design Process for the highest product value
  • How to use no-code tools to launch your startup
  • The fastest development stack to build full-scale apps

Acquiring your first 100 customers for $50 ($97)

  • The bulletproof way of acquiring the right customers
  • Outreach and automation tactics to scale your reach
  • How to use content to help with inbound customers
  • Getting customers to rave about your product

Product growth and success verification ($97)

  • How to engineer your product for growth
  • Time is everything when to pivot your idea without losing money
  • How to continuously work towards finding product-market fit using a proven mathematical approach
  • Million-dollar product strategies to increase customer retention
  • How to onboard customers and convert them to paid users

I'm baking in years of experience, over 60 production products and learnings from analyzing millions of user interactions into one EPIC course so you can build your future startup

The course will go for $485 but for pre-launch I'll be offering it for just $97, a steal!

For just $97 you will get 1000s of hours of learnings, millions spent in research, first hand experience from someone who's been part of global product launches and multiple successful startups. You'll easily make 1000x in return for this simple investment

If you don't acquire 100 customers in the first 3 months after doing this course I'll refund your money back, no questions asked.

Available on September 30th, 12PM PDT
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Profitable Startups: The Strategy To Build Money-Printing Companies

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