The $50 Startup - Build a business people need!

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The $50 Startup - Build a business people need!

Vaibhav Namburi
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Validate your startup with $50 and don't waste 1000s of hours and dollars

Learn how to strategically validate your business and generate sales before you even build it. No weird apps, no pyramid schemes, just using basic human decision psychology

Discover the exact strategies I use to validate & build Multi-Million dollar businesses

What this ebook will teach you:

  • How to generate sales before writing any code

    Learn the art of pre-sales. It's extremely powerful and gives you a lot of leverage. You have customers to bounces ideas from and money to build your product

  • How to build an audience while validating

    People will buy if they can trust you. Trust is built through authority. This can be gamified and anyone can do it

  • Acquiring early customers for $0

    Not all customers cost money to acquire. If you do it right, in the early days you can not only acquire for free but build a loyal fan base

  • How to measure validation

    Validation isn't mythical. There are a process and math behind this. I'm here to share a repeatable system that will let you validate your ideas

You will also learn:

  • Why most people fail and never make a single dollar

  • When to pivot your business and when to continue building

  • Important product patterns that build rapid revenue/traction generating startups

  • Questions to ask during that will create excitement, sales and build an audience

The same strategies covered in this book were used to generate 704 downloads in 2.5 days

This is a no-bullshit, no filler text bang on strategy book. Systems build businesses, here's the system I use to validate ideas


Some of the things people are saying:

Manolo Bezanilla

I did a 1-year course on entrepreneurship and building products in Chile. Your book covered that AND more within a couple of hours. Thank you SO MUCH for this V

Jaskiran Singh

I don't know how you managed to condense so much in this, but it's really good. I've made quite a few mistakes in my set up and it was just interesting to see some of them being covered here as well as solutions to fix them, so thanks for that!

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